Our intention at New Element Art is to get involved and make a positive contribution to the existing art scene: locally – online or wherever we can make a difference.

As we grow we will feature more interviews, videos, interactive content and lots of promotional items. We will also be hosting events and creating original content – Including both private and public art commissions.

Our long term goal is to build a community that will generate a variety of artist Grants. These Grants will be built by selling our products and dedicating a portion of our sales to those programs.

R.A. Bowen

R.A. Bowen

Founder – Director

Working hard to build a platform that will help Independent Artists gain access to free promotions, and a community of people interested in their works. Ryan was also a founding member of “Project Exposure” – an Independent Art magazine and website from 2006 – 2010

Most Recent works:

1810 Gallery Third Anniversary Group Show 04/28/18

July, 21st 2017 – Boys and Girls Club Mural 38′ x 12′

July, 1st 2017 – East meets West Show.  Jolie Gallery Shenyang, China

February 2017 – Art Street Mural.  Event by M5Arts


Sample pages from “Project Exposure Magazine” (Ryan’s last project)

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Personal Mantra

“Today I will be true to myself and all those around me.  By that action alone I will initiate a positive change in the universe that surrounds me.”


Pete Morse & Family
AKA @K2Powderhound

Pete Morse

Writing and logo Contributor

Founding member of Project Exposure Magazine

Award Winning Writer – Battle Tested D.J. – Fan of Hendrix and Escher.

beta Tested Adobe Photoshop 1.0.

First Kid on his block to Have a He-Man.

I love my Grandma for all the work she has done to show us peace on Earth does exist. I am inspired by my Cousins by the dozens, each and all talented in great ways.

My Mom is so fun and positive.  Some friends were in true disbelief as her policy was: She did not care about my grades growing up, as long as I got an A in Art.  Luckily, I also loved all of my English classes and got all A’s. (I did mention the award).

Co-founder of Project Exposure Magazine.  One of the best rides of my life. Also, one of the best ways I opened myself up to socializing with other artists.  We stepped up so many times to find artists and make events happen! I have so much more confidence after a decade + of talking to artists. I now constantly hunt for interesting people to interview.

A few of my other favorite things:

My wife and son! cycling, snowboarding, comics, vinyl records, stickers, old and new technologies, making and listening to music, inventions, laughing it up, optical illusions, video games, breweries, psychedelics, martial arts, wildlife, camping, archery, hackers, stretching, craft beer, all things that spin.

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Gabe Sanford

Gabriel M. Sanford

Planning – Events – Shows – Promotions

Gabriel M. Sanford is an artist based in Sacramento, California.  Primarily, his work is done with pen, ink, and colored pencils; drawing from a long-seeded influence in pattern design and mandala representations.  Gabriel received an AA in Art as well as Art New Media from American River College (ARC) in Sacramento. He competed in various ARC exhibitions receiving several Best of Show awards for his drawings. Gabriel has been showing his abstract drawings in the Northern California region for the past 15 years. He also manages events from a curatorial and promotional capacity throughout the Sacramento area. One of Gabriel’s primary goals is to help showcase the talented artists that he has been exhibiting with over the years.

Artist Statement:

My style of art is comprised of repeating abstract, intricate designs and patterns that upon close examination reveal infinite and subtle variations within the context of each drawing. There is a very tribal, primitive look to the patterns that I use throughout my designs. These designs represent a visual language to me, like a snapshot for an internal emotion or an idea that develops as I let my reflective imagination flow. Ultimately, they represent an inner meditative dialogue with my creative subconscious.  Each design holds a healing, growth-inspiring, spiritual quality for me.  My art aims to achieve this internal dialogue within the viewer and spawn self reflection on a spiritual level.

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Jessica Burke

Jessica Burke

Planning – Events – Promotions

Jessica Burke is a self-taught artist based in Sacramento, California.  Her art is created using a wide range of materials.  Including: Fabric, wood, metal, pen, pencil, chalk, paint and photography.  She incorporates all these and more in her inspiring collages.

She also helps manage the following:

The Gabriel M. Sanford Project

Jim Mouse and a Chic They Call Vic


“I’m a self-taught Artist growing up in an extremely artistic & musical home. When it comes to art, I tend to be a bit all over the place.  I play around in mixed media, collage, photography, paint, pen, colored pencils, chalk and whatever else I can get my hands on to express myself.   I’m obsessed with using alternative canvas, such as old dressers, tables, doors and so on, which is usually discovered in alleys downtown while on my hunt for anything I can repurpose!”  -Jessica Burke

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