Our intention at New Element Art is to get involved and make a positive contribution to the existing art scene: locally – online or wherever we can make a difference.

As we grow we will feature more interviews, videos, interactive content and lots of promotional items. We will also be hosting events and creating original content – Including both private and public art commissions.

Our long term goal is to build a community that will generate a variety of artist Grants. These Grants will be built by selling our products and dedicating a portion of our sales to those programs.

R. A. Bowen

Founder R. A. Bowen

Working hard to build a platform that will help Independent Artists gain access to free promotions, and a community of people interested in their works. Ryan was also a founding member of “Project Exposure” – an Independent Art magazine and website from 2006 – 2010


Most Recent works:

July, 21st 2017 – Boys and Girls Club Mural 38′ x 12′

July, 1st 2017 – East meets West Show.  Jolie Gallery Shenyang, China

February 2017 – Art Street Mural.  Event by M5Arts



Sample pages from “Project Exposure Magazine” (Ryan’s last project)

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Personal Mantra

“Today I will be true to myself and all those around me.  By that action alone I will initiate a positive change in the universe that surrounds me.”

From ‘Red Dress’ : Original Painting by R.A. Bowen

Detail - From "The Red Dress" an original painting by R.A. Bowen

Click to see the video of the painting