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Self Portrait

On the western shores of the Black Sea exists a bright life full of talent and potential.  When I view the beauty and emotion portrayed by the color and brush strokes in the works of Bianca Paraschiv the words of Chris Cornell come to mind:

“Eyes like oceans, So far away.  A feather trail, to a better way.  Worried mornings turn, Into days, Then into worried nights.  But it’s alright, All you’ll be you are today.” –Chris Cornell (sun shower)

In her works you can see the love, the worry, the emotion of life and the people in it.  And through the skillful execution of each piece you can see not only a path to fulfillment but also the existence of her true self in the present.

Your paintings are beautiful.  Are they all in the same medium? 

Thank you! Most of my works are Mixed Media.   I use oil, tempera, charcoal, graphite and even soft pastel to create smooth tints of color and accents of light and shadow. It’s all about playing with as many mediums as I can – in order to express my vision at its best.

Do you remember when you first felt inspired to paint?


Yes, because it wasn’t long ago.  I started painting when I was 15, prior to that I had only drawn,  and I didn’t express myself through color.  Painting was a personal step forward because even at that age I understood clearly that art was going to be my path in life.  It was like I answered my inner voice which was calling for me to set it free, it wanted to be heard.

Of course, I was encouraged by some people around me to follow the path of painting.  As a matter of fact, I started taking painting courses three years ago with Professor Dr. Gheorghe Carutiu and I also attended the drawing classes at the Popular School of Art with Professor Eusebio Spanu.

Is your family supportive of you perusing art?

Yes, my family always helps and supports me in my pursuit of art.  It is such a good thing for me.  Their support allows me to grow and to develop my skills. They appreciate what I do and believe in my work and talent.  I know I am truly lucky to have a family that supports me in this domain.  So, this is another appropriate moment to thank them so much for their efforts and support!


How would you describe your creative process or motivation?

I try to paint, guided by feelings, and the result has become better and better, over time.  Regarding this process of creation, I could say that I didn’t search for inspiration, the inspiration found me at the appropriate time.

You also dance and write.  Which of your creative outlets do you enjoy most – And why?

I do not dance anymore, but I did practice ballet for about 6 years – studying with the ballet master Mr. Oleg Danovski Jr.  It was an awesome experience which helped me in many ways.  It kept me in a good shape and allowed me to express myself through graceful movements.  I also competed and earned awards.  To me, Ballet is like painting the space around you with graceful moves that bring different colors to it.

Well, not many people know this about me – but I do like writing poetry and essays.  Writing is a creative process which enables me to speak differently, like everything around me is spinning into another poetic dimension.  It’s a personal outlet to escape reality. There are different things and aspects of life which inspire me to write.  I can find poetry in sunsets, in some people, in nature and feelings or even in simple colors.

Blind Ego

Although I enjoy painting the most, because it’s the outlet that perfectly corresponds to my real nature.  It is a sincere manifestation of my true self.  But it’s not only about talent, as many people tend to think. It’s a compilation of every day practicing, studying, talent and inspiration – all mixed in a concordant approach.

What is the Art scene like in Constanta, Romania?

There are some artistic events at times in Constanta, such as art exhibitions, book launches, ballet performances, opera and theater shows and lots of concerts and music festivals.  For example: Constanta is going to host for the first time one of the greatest electronic music festivals in Europe, called ‘Neversea’.  It is organized by the creators of ‘Untold Festival’. There are expected thousands of people and I’m sure it’s going to be a success and a good thing for our city and tourism.

Art Waves

Do you like living there or do you intend to move in the future?

I like living here.  I have the Black Sea next to me and I can see it whenever I want.  I know a lot of people here but I intend to move to the capitol in the near future – in order to attend ‘The Bucharest University of Arts’.  I would like to travel a lot in my life and learn more about other cultures – to see new places and to expand my horizons.  I couldn’t choose a specific place at this moment because all of them seem so interesting to me now.  I feel traveling would help me grow as a person and also as an artist.

I see a lot of emotion in your paintings.  Does this come happen naturally or is it something you have worked hard to achieve?

It comes naturally – I don’t think when I paint.  I just let myself feel in the moment I create.  I let my soul paint with emotions.  It may seem like a stereotype or something but I say it just the way it is.  An artist is mainly sensitive, but expresses that inner emotional charge with power and strength when it materializes into his/her vision.  It’s a contrast created between these two conditions.  I ‘m the most honest when I paint, it’s just me, myself and I : ))

To the future

What was the inspiration for “To the Future”?

I was inspired by architecture.  I like this domain, as the thought of becoming an architect crossed my mind in the past, before I discovered my passion for painting.  So I said; “Why not combine these interests?”  The result was “To the future”.  The reason I chose the name is because the lines, the colors and all the composition of this artwork guided my thoughts to the …future.

I really like “Lost in The Crowd”.  In this painting I see a minimal expression creating a maximum effect.  When and why did you decide to paint this?

Thank you! “Lost in the crowd” is a recent painting of mine, painted in January 2017. I thought about that feeling we all have when we are in a crowded place, with many people around, like a huge energy makes us lose ourselves and we  become one with the multitude.  Of course, it’s not about going with the flow, but about letting go at times and trying to disconnect from reality and escape into our own personal dimension.  When we lose ourselves we actually find something new about us, like a hidden feature is revealed.  This painting personally inspires me with a sense of appurtenance.  Any of us could be represented in this artwork, because art is about finding pieces of our souls in the vision of the creator.

Lost In The Crowd

Are you currently showing your work anywhere?

I took part in a group exhibition in the past, but currently only expose my art on social media.  I also collaborate with Curioos company in New York and I have some of my artwork printed by them.  There are many advantages in buying prints if they are printed in high quality resolution.  They can be shipped worldwide and anyone can choose the dimensions they want.

What is your long term goal with painting?

I’ll carry on with painting.  I intend to attend the ‘University of Arts’ to learn and practice painting as much as I can and I’m sure that interesting opportunities will open new doors in the future.

Do you think it’s difficult to be a painter in the age of technology?

It’s not so hard to be a painter in the age of technology.  As we know, if you can be the best in your domain the success is guaranteed and it all becomes easy.  This is the goal all artists tend to.  We don’t have to view technology as our competition.  There is a place for anyone.  Moreover, the technology is really helpful for artists because they can promote their art on the internet and they can be seen by a large public.  I believe we do not compete with others – only with the self we were yesterday.

Do you have any thoughts or advice for young artists around the world?

Through The Lines

I would encourage them to follow this path in the future, because it’s truly worth pursuing your dreams. Never give up, no matter how hard the situation seems to be sometimes!  We are powerful just because no one is us!  But every young artist has to be a hard worker.  They have to be strong because there will always be people who will try to bring them down and so on.  Always be honest and let your art speak for you! Trust yourself and what you do!

Very Insightful.  Thank You.

Bianca Paraschiv:

“I want to be someone who can tell the story of their own spiritual experience.”

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