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Born the daughter of a natural artist and a gifted jazz musician Arianne Zager spent her youth immersed in creativity.  Her mother (the natural artist) made sure she had art in her life from the very beginning and her maternal grandmother (apparel designer and master tailor) played an inspirational role in Arianne’s love for art and design.

Since her youth in Lacrosse Wisconsin she has traveled the world – shown her work in countless galleries – launched her own clothing line and in the near future plans to open ‘NOVA’ an interactive art space and learning center for children in Minneapolis MN.

Currently residing in Chicago Arianne is more of a global citizen – traveling for years at a time.  Most recently living and painting for two years in Thailand where she met her husband before returning to the states to start their family.

Ryan: When did you discover your love for painting?

Arianne:  I remember around 4yrs old at preschool feeling panicked when it was time to put away the art supplies and stop our project for the day. My mother explained to me – what I was feeling was true love.  And to always take great care of that love.  I was lucky because I had very supportive, creative people around me not only teaching me but telling me I had “something” and to keep going.

You attended the Fashion Institute of Technology – Is fashion you’re main focus?

Yes…..No…….Yes…..No… fashion is a passion of mine.  I love to adorn others with a garment I’ve created and watch them light up in my design.  Fashion can also be very lucrative and provide a job if needed.  So, as much as I wanted to go to school for painting I chose fashion for security hahahahah.   But truthfully painting is my first love.

You’ve done a lot of traveling – How has that influenced your work?

Traveling is part of me…’s not only influenced my work – It’s influenced my understanding of the world – human beings and affected my entire personality. I traveled for about 5 years visiting over 40 countries.

Once while traveling, I was inspired by natural water sources.  I noticed that different PH levels in the water would cause a different reaction with the paint.  The water would make the same color almost glow from Indonesia or be murky from Bangkok.  This fascinated me and I started my hand dipped collection or theory.  I track and collect all of the waters I use.  Some are from wells in Punjab India – some from rain water I found collected in a leaf in the jungles of Fiji – some from the Mississippi river and so on.

I love to incorporate my travel experiences and allow them to influence all of my work.  By doing this I feel like I’m sharing some of whatever country’s natural water I used.

That is absolutely fascinating!  Where are some of the Galleries you’ve shown in?

I’ve shown in so many galleries over the past 15 years I can’t keep them all straight. New York City is where I cut my teeth as far as galleries go.  From there it was like wild fire being invited to show in Barcelona, Berlin, Moscow, Singapore, CA, MN, HI and the list goes on and on.  I also do quite a bit of work and sales online. I have found Instagram and Facebook to be great tools for marketing and selling directly. It is also half the price when not selling through a gallery…but also only half the fun.

ZaGaZa is the name of your clothing line.  Are you working this full time?

I am. I also work on other things FULL TIME.  It’s crazy sometimes I look around and think to myself how the…what the……I also paint full time and will soon be opening a children’s art studio in a few months called NOVA.

That sounds interesting.  Can you explain the Idea?

It’s a studio where I’ll guide children through painting – color flow and water movement.  We’ll also do sculpture, introduction to draping and drafting, intro to sewing and design, nature walks and creating art from what we find.  I will also host children’s gallery shows, along with many other creative events.

I am only strong because I had people around me that told me I was good and could at a young age.  I want other children to feel the same things I did when I was told to keep going.  It’s a beam from your soul and I want to help direct that for other tiny talents.

That’s a noble and important mission.  I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing it develop!


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  • This is AMAZING. When can we talk about commissioning to do some art for our brewery? I am up in the city today. I could meet you at 6:30 somewhere or if you come down to Northfield I’ll take you to lunch. Bring your baby! (Toddler now??) I need my baby fix! Love your stuff. Can’t wait to work with youuuuuu!!!! Also hoping we can help you promote your work – Northfield has a vibrant arts community!

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