Garvin Tieseler

Is this Real?         Are we Breathing?         Living…Being……

Or Surreal?         Just thoughts?         Drowning………Dreaming…

These words drift through my mind as I reflect on the recent works of Garvin Tieseler.

Roseville – Rocklin – Midtown……Decades of Observation – Expression – Drawing – Dreaming – Living – Being………

White Horse

White Horse

The result:   EXCELLENCE

Take some time – Breathe – Think…

Observe…… Ask Questions………

R.A. Bowen:  Did you study art or self-taught?

Garvin:  I never studied art.   I’ve just felt compelled – since I was a kid – to draw whatever I see in my head.  I’m inspired by artists who depict a surreal world – I’m interested in art that takes the viewer into a new place.

How long have you been creating the pieces for your show in October?

The pieces for the show in October at ‘The Kennedy Gallery’ are a combination of new and old.  Most have been made this year.

Although you’re not formally trained – You’re clearly talented.  Did you receive support or encouragement as a young artist?

My mom always supported my creative efforts in music, painting or drawing – Allowing me to be comfortable expressing myself at a young age.  Today my parents are still very supportive.

Your work definitely has a Dark, Surreal and in my opinion – A Visionary quality.   Do you spend a lot of time reflecting before you are able to create?

I do think about the human condition on many levels before I start a piece.  I try to isolate a truth.  A narrative fueled by isolation, sadness, rejection, desperation, or fear.  Subconscious drivers (buried inside) but shaping the individual’s life philosophy.

Harnessing a Dream

Harnessing a Dream

“Harnessing a dream” is a great piece.  The surreal – barren landscape in contrast with the absolutely brilliant Horse – amazing!  Was this something you actually had a dream about or is it meant to symbolize the difficulties of life?

It was inspired by watching a homeless man staring up in the sky…hands up – animated – smiling – talking to something I couldn’t see……

I wondered how he saw himself………

I imagined I was him. What did I see? How did I perceive myself standing there?  The vision – The hallucination – Beautifully speaking to me – The Horse.  How impermanent are the laws of nature? How every man’s current state transforms into something else when self-directed.  The horse alive with color shatters & dematerializes over and over again showing the patterns of transformation.

Wow. Great answer! Love to hear the journey – step by step.  Are all the pieces in the show created in the same way and medium?  Please describe the process.

Horse X-Ray Weld

Horse X-Ray Weld

Yes. All the current pieces are created in the same way. The process is borrowed from 20 years of only creating music. I write songs in pieces and recorded them in pieces – The strings, flute, drums, vocals, etc. Then I edit all the parts together to create a finished piece.  Recently returning to my artwork – I use the same process. Working each piece separately – then bringing them together at the end.

I draw each character with a mechanical pencil on a separate piece of paper. Each drawing is scanned and digitally cut out in Photoshop.  After a few characters are drawn, cut and scanned – I begin to arrange the layout I’ve imagined.

Next:  I photograph, draw or paint landscapes for backdrops. Sometimes it’s a mix of all three – blended together to get the feeling / environment I want.  Then I digitally paint each character to give the black and white figures color.

After I digitally color all the drawings and finish creating my background – I color grade the whole picture.  Once satisfied, I print the image as a large – Hi resolution giclee print on watercolor rag paper. This paper print is then mounted on birch box.  The final step is to coat the image and box with epoxy resin to seal and protect it.

Judgement Hour

Judgement Hour

I noticed that horses are a recurring theme in your work.  Are they symbolic of something or do you just like them?

For me, the wild horse is a metaphysical symbol of liberation and rebellion from man’s desire to control everything.

Another fantastic piece is “Judgement Hour” – can you describe the inspiration behind it?

‘Judgement hour’ depicts how individuals wear a mask of moral authority and persecute those who live by nonconformist beliefs instead of judging them by the fruits of their labor and character.


Miscarried Reality

Miscarried Reality

“Miscarried reality” is a provocative piece. One of my favorites!  Is this intended to represent the desperation linked to the human experience?

It’s about confusion and misdirected blame.  A wife miscarried and the child is dying – The husband screaming and blaming god – The woman screaming and blaming the husband – The stresses of life leading to a miscarried reality.




              Artist:  Garvin Tieseler 

     Show:  October 8th  @Kennedy Gallery  Sacramento


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