Jaimee Dawn

Heavy Blue Frost

Heavy Blue Frost – 24″ x 24″ oil on linen

Jaimee Dawns love for painting began in the summers of her youth.  From the time she was twelve she knew it was something she had to pursue.   Her passion lead her to San Francisco after high school where she spent six years in and around the city maturing as an artist and earning a four year degree from the Academy of Art.

Expecting her first child in September Jaimee now lives in Portland where she is making the transition to full time artist and mother.

Ryan: Why did you choose San Francisco after High School?

Follow the Bend

Follow the Bend – 40″ x 60″ oil on linen

Jaimee:  I was ready to move to a large city with more opportunities. I chose San Francisco for its diversity and location which helped me grow as an individual. I lived in the center of the city for two years before moving to Walnut Creek, just a BART ride away.


While living in San Francisco – What affected your work the most and helped you grow as an artist?

The connections I made and the creative ambiance I was surrounded by inspired me to work harder and become a fulfilled artist. I was feeding off of my environment and I started to understand my purpose. San Francisco allowed me to uncover my unique style and paint from my personal experiences.

You’re painting portraits – landscapes and abstracts.  Do you have a favorite?

I love, love, love the landscapes. I can get lost while looking into them. They create nostalgia for my fondest childhood memories.

Abstract City Scene

Abstract City Scene – 30″ x 40″ oil on canvas

Which do you enjoy working more – oil or acrylic? And Why?

Definitely oil – I don’t like to feel rushed, as acrylic has often made me feel.  Oil lets me be playful with color, texture, and blending which really helps bring out my intentions.

I assume “Foggy City” and “Abstract City Scene” were inspired by your time in San Francisco. Both well done! How long does a painting like these normally take?

The Foggy City

The Foggy City – 36″ x 36″ acrylic on canvas

Yes, both are reflections of San Francisco and were created with great passion. My paintings all depend on how inspired I am with the style and subject. For instance, “Foggy City” is created completely from memory and I had so much fun molding the composition. I finished this painting in three days with complete satisfaction. Other times I paint a piece in segments, revisiting every few days until I get that complete inspiration to bring it to a close.

What was your intention or inspiration for “Geo Color”? [Featured Image – Top of post]

Geo Color was very much inspired by color, line, land, and trail. This abstract piece has so many elements that I connect to as a reflection of life and personal choices. It signifies a road map for navigating feelings of confusion and loss of direction. I intend for my viewers to find something of themselves within the piece as well.

Are you working full time as an artist?

I’ve been a part time artist for years.  However, now that I’m living in Portland and transitioning into my role as a mother, I will be painting full time.

Why Portland?

I have always been intrigued by the City of Portland. When I found out I would be having my first child in September – I knew there were changes to be made. Portland is a wonderful place to start a family and has a vast art scene. In addition, I have support from my sister who also lives in Portland with her husband and three children. Family is very important to me and I knew Portland had a lot to offer us.

Bliss and Fuchsia

Bliss and Fuchsia – 18″ x 24″ oil on canvas

Are you currently working on any commissions or shows?

Yes, I have just completed a commission – It is the profile of a beautiful woman done in an impressionistic style. The husband commissioned me to paint his wife as a shower gift to her.   I’m also working on a new series of landscapes to show.  Stay tuned!

Jaimee’s paintings are an intriguing blend of movement and color – textured by pallet knives and wistful brush strokes.  They’re inspired by memories and experience.  They’re beautiful works that convey an invigorating representation of the life and spaces around us.

To see more of Jaimee’s work or to commission an original painting:

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